Lost, missing or abducted

What if your child was missing? You would encourage police to issue an AMBER Alert or at the very least  to have him/her listed at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children immediately, wouldn’t you?

But, did you know AMBER Alerts are issued for children believed to have been abducted, not simply missing. In Virginia there is currently a missing child alert for a three-year-old boy who was last seen around 4:00 Friday December 5. He did not qualify for an AMBER Alert and he isn’t  listed at the NCMEC yet if you speak with law enforcement, all will agree the first three hour are critical in finding missing or abducted children.

ABC 13 – Three-Year-Old Missing – Crews in Halifax County are still searching for a missing three-year-old.The child is a boy with light complexion named Jaylynn Thorpe. Police say he is wearing blue jeans, a red striped shirt, and a camouflage jacket.

Update 12-07-08: Dogs May Have Saved Boy’s Life

However in this article ” Missing toddler found safe in Halifax County“, there is this frightening statement.

Officials say about 50% of three-year-olds who wander from home are found within a half mile.

What happens to the other 50%?


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