Empowering parents

Some parents are concerned about their child and the information available about them on the Internet. Many understand the real dangers lie in chat rooms, instant messaging and the child posting details about themselves unaware of who is actually reading it. What parents may not realize is the Internet is already an integral part of their child’s lives even if they don’t own a home computer.

Information about your child is often available from their schools. Visit this site PowerSchool and you can learn how the Internet is used to monitor your child’s progress.

“The Leading Student Information System. More than 8,800 schools, over 4,200,000 students, most awarded SIS in 2005, SIS leader since 1997”

One interesting piece of information garnered from the site is

 “According to a recent survey, 94 percent of parents want to use the web to get more involved in their children’s progress and 85 percent want more frequent progress updates.”

So why wouldn’t 100% of all parents want to proactively register their children with the Child Alert Center(CAC)?

It is an affordable web-based registry that increases the chances of bringing a missing child home. They securely store photographs and identifying information about your child. In case of an emergency, their child safety specialists in a timely manner contact resources nationwide to distribute the information and photos, in the form of a poster that will aid in search efforts.

Benicia school computer system provides access to student data

A Web-based student information system called PowerSchool is being deployed throughout the district.

And when it’s up and running, any parent with a computer and an Internet connection can check their child’s homework assignments, grades and attendance on a daily basis, district officials said.

“It’s kind of cool,” said district IT director Moe Zwebti. “You don’t have to wait to find out if your kid is missing school. You can keep track in real time.”


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