Panicking Parents in Prescott

Your child doesn’t need to be gone long before you begin to experience the anguish of a missing child. Thankfully, this example we received in an email too had a happy ending. What would you do if your child was missing?

We lost our son once when he was about the same age at a town fair in Prescott, AZ where we were sight-seeing.  We were with another family and their kids and we all went to dinner, looked around the table and to our horror saw that he was gone.  The two dads bolted back to the fair across the street and ran around like crazy to no avail.  Again, heart failure for us all.  Finally, a chain of communication took place and it turned out that he wisely had gone up to a policeman and said he was lost and we got reunited.  In that case, even he knew he was lost and the situation made an impression on him.  With five it’s so easy to get separated and we were always making the kids count off to make sure they were there.  I’m glad we made it through all together!  Phew!


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