Remembering the Alamo

In excess of 800,000 children are reported missing each year according to a study from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Most are only temporarily lost or separated from their parents or guardian. Unfortunately, as a parent you don’t know until it may be to late whether they are instead a victim of an abduction or have fallen prey to a sex offender.

The following account is from an email we received courtesy of a relieved mother.

As parents we were always so paranoid about our children’s safety and very vigilant.  When I was away with some of them and the others were with my husband was always nervous because Mommy’s are just so much more attuned to things.  Actually when we moved to Florida, I flew ahead with two of our children and my husband drove 3 weeks later with our other sons and daughter.  They stopped to sight see along the way and one place was the Alamo.  My husband said one minute our daughter was right next to him and the next minute “poof” she was gone.  He couldn’t find her anywhere and the place went into a panic.  They were so close to the border, he could just imagine her being smuggled to Mexico and that would be it, he’d never see her again.  She was 6 years old.  Eventually they did find her in front of an exhibit, hidden by much taller adults, not worried at all. 

The whole experience was terrifying for him though and he has never forgotten the feeling of thinking your child is missing.

The Child Alert Center Charities airs weekly broadcasts on local cable TV, display posters of missing children, interviews with family members and safety tips from law enforcement.


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