The family tree



How many lives are affected when a child is missing? Our thoughts often instinctively turn to the parents or immediate family. In some cases there is little information about other siblings, or extended family.

Have you ever considered how their disappearance can impact the lives of many? If you haven’t, just spend some time speaking with thier parents or grandparents. Sadly, as time goes on, many of the missing children are forgotten. The tremendous burden to find them is left solely to their families and friends. How would you maintain hope? How would you keep search efforts alive after hours turn into days, months and years?

Child Alert Center Charities is a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization, founded in January of 2008 that focuses on children’s well being by promoting safety and bringing awareness to the public in the event they should go missing. Our 30 minute program broadcasts on local cable TV, displays posters of missing children, interviews with family members and safety tips from law enforcement.

Recently, in speaking with the mother of a missing adult, she described this heart wrenching comment by his 5-year-old nephew. At a rally for support for their continued search efforts, the little boy had this to say, “I miss my Uncle Austin.”


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