Photographic value

When the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) launched their YouTube channel last year, this is what their CEO had to say about the value of having photos available should your child go missing.

Ernie Allen, President and CEO of NCMEC, emphasized just how unique the challenges for law enforcement are when children are abducted in or to other countries. The number of children going missing each day in just the U.S. is enormous.”In the U.S. alone, nearly 800,000 children are missing each year or about 2,000 each day,” Allen said. “Photos remain the single most effective tool for finding a missing child. This new resource will provide unprecedented exposure for missing children, reaching potentially millions of viewers every day and increasing the opportunity that someone has seen them.”

Ironically, most companies and organizations interchange tools used for the recovery of missing children with those used to identify them.  

Search the Internet and you will find many sites urging you to collect DNA samples, fingerprints, dental records from their children to assist in recovery efforts should they become abducted or missing.


Many parents or guardians would be surprised to learn they may have all the identification information available but without current photos with updated descriptions of their child, they may be delaying efforts to find them. The identification information many of the ID kits contain such as fingerprints, dental records and DNA are most often used post mortem and not for recovery or search efforts.

Child Alert Center (CAC) is an affordable web-based registry that increases the chances of bringing a missing child home. They securely store photographs and identifying information about your child. In case of an emergency, their child safety specialists in a timely manner contact resources nationwide to distribute the information and photos, in the form of a poster that will aid in search efforts. They donate their services to us which gives the CAC Charities the opportunity to provide Child Alert Center services free to the families of our active men and women in the military.


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