In case of a natural disaster

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children recommends the following steps be taken when preparing for a natural disaster.

“…Just as people secure their homes and belongings before a storm hits, NCMEC urges parents and guardians to take steps to protect their children and to keep their families together. To prepare for hurricane season and other natural disasters,
NCMEC recommends that:

1. families take storm warnings and evacuation orders seriously;

2. parents/guardians know where their children are;

3. families stay together;

4. families take photos with them if they are evacuated;

5. parents/guardians give children identification to
carry with them (name, date of birth, address, phone numbers); for children who are not able to speak for themselves, parents/guardians should consider writing children’s names, birthdates, parents’ names, home address, and telephone/cell number somewhere on the child’s body in indelible or permanent marker, which can be removed with rubbing alcohol after the emergency;

6. families take digital photos and email them to extended family members;

7. parents/guardians make photocopies of important documents and mail them to a friend or relative in a safe location; and

8. families create plans for what to do if they become
separated during an evacuation…”

Why not take one more step and register your children with the Child Alert Center? By proactively doing so, should your children be separated from you, the information needed by authorities to help reunite them with you is only a phone call away.


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