To Whom It May Concern:



March 14, 2008 


To Whom It May Concern:                                                                                                                                                          
I am the grandmother of Mark Degner, one of the two missing boys from Paxon Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida on February 10th, 2005.  

As a teacher watched them walk off the school grounds, Mark, 12 years old at that time, and his friend Bryan Hayes, 13 yrs. old, became “missing without a trace” ever since.

All across America, missing people have become a major issue.  Each week you hear of a few more loved ones who have become missing persons.  I know before Mark became missing, I would hear of other families who had a family member become a missing person. I would study every face of every missing flier that was placed in our community, only to find myself, five minutes down the expressway, not being able to remember all the missing I just studied so hard.

That is why I believe it is so imperative to have a show like Child Alert Center Charities is producing on missing children for our community that will concentrate exclusively on these missing people.  Media is very important, but a missing person may only get coverage for a minute or two, depending on the top stories on that specific day and some missing people never get any media coverage.We have been very fortunate in the media coverage the boys continue to receive though it has been limitied, but how will these other missing people ever be found, if no one knows they are missing or what they look like? Increased media coverage thru Child Alert Center Charities to increase community awareness is the greatest hope I know of a missing person being found.

I believe you are in a situation in your life to do everything in your power to help other families in our community that have found themselves in a situation like my family.We are so thankful for Child Alert Center Charities for trying to make a difference in a world where more people are missing every day and I believe that some of these lost might be found through their efforts.

I pray that you will make a choice to support Child Alert Center Charities, because any family can find themselves in this same situation and I know you would want them there for you.

Darlene Briggs

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Mark Degner

Bryan Hayes


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